Vain Gaming | a MMO community

Who we are

We're a medium guild of 20~ members that's been very active in past across many games and genres. We're absolutely psychotic and offensive, but don't take what anyone says seriously at all. If you are someone who's lacking in self confidence and can't take a joke, please fuck off loser.


Vain has gone through many incarnations over the years. In 2008, Meeks and many of his real life friends founded a WoW guild called America on Shattered Hand. It fell apart just before WotLK due to RL drama. After those assholes left, Meeks had an existensial crisis and said fuck guild leading. This caused Squeek, at the time Vexorion, to create Grim on Tortheldrin in 2009. Which while initially successful, failed after two weeks because that hunter he made an officer was a whiny bitch loot drama whore. In 2010, we were disparate as a group and frustrated with MMOs and created a clan called Godcleave. Squeek and Emperor were ranked 5th and 6th in the world on the leaderboards, with Meeks at roughly 130. Times were good, but then like all good things, DICE dropped the ball and patched it to be more like Call of Duty. After that we returned to wow as Quartus Bellum, and had a solid year in Cataclysm. Things were going good until Firelands, where we had a lot of initial success but then hit the wall like Lady Diana. Had recruitment issues, couldn't seem to find the replacements we needed. At that point we said fuck it, and switched to SWTOR as There is No Try. Which we thought was laughably bad. I mean, some of us clear Karagga's palace in a pug the night it came out. What the fuck is that shit. At this point, we were pretty much done with MMORPGS for awhile. A few of us jumped around from game to game, but nothing really stuck. A number of us joined up with a Planetside 2 clan known as The Black Square. They were a solid Vanu outfit. As time went on, Meeks became a wildstar fanboy and offered to run a wildstar branch of TBSQ. Which at the time seemed like a good idea. Unforunately, one of the officers was a bitter white knight "nice guy", who didn't like the rowdiness of some the people I was bringing in to TBSQ. This is before we had learned what SJW and triggered meant. So after some drama, we told them to fuck off and made Vain. We realized that while we'd been around for awhile, we needed a final guild. A name we could use across all our games without any of that bull shit petty drama. We geared up hard for Wildstar, best recruitment drive we ever did. We went into Wildstar pretty hard, but we ran into roster issues once we got to raiding. And trust us, all guilds did. It was a pretty wild ride, Meeks put in 16 hour days and had multiple panic attacks, super fun. Eventually we merged with Instability for a hot minute, but it didn't last. We tried to keep the guild together by having a last hurrah in wow, but that worked out about as well as you think.

Where we are and where we're going

After all that insanity, we're kind of in relaxed phase right now. We're primarily a mix of three groups of stragglers: Vain, Asylum, and Aristocracy We don't really have any games out at the moment we're going hard into. We have about 10 people dicking around in ESO, but it's pretty meh. Emperor's buddies have been playing of Heroes of the storm. And who knows what the fuck Zaby is doing. There's two games that Meeks is looking forward to at the moment: Crowfall and Star Citizen. But frankly, we're not really sure what we're going to do from here. In the mean time, we're just going to dick around. And Meeks is going to keep tweaking the website when he's supposed to be at work. If you ever want to know what's going on, hop on mumble and talk to us.